Want a PROOF Research Barrel? Read On


The masters of carbon fiber barrel technology have busted out one light and long reaching contest in honor of Fathers Day. In the contest you have a chance to win your choice of a AR or bolt action barrel. Three barrels will be given out over the duration of the contest with a value of up to $1000. We may not have cool laser blasters yet but you can have a chance at winning one of these space age barrels by heading to here.


Lighter, stronger and pretty fucking awesome looking in any build.

To enter join the mailing list, watch a video on the company and their barrels, visit a few pages and when your done you can earn up to 20 entries in this contest. Proof barrels are made to mitigate thermal expansion and due to the wrapping dissipate heat better giving your barrel a longer life while remaining lighter then the competition.


A Proof barrel helps relieve some of the weight forward of the stock to make shooting in the standing position much easier.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Proof Research head over here;, or check out their Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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