Walker’s Razor Ear Pro

Spend any time as a barrel chested, gun toting bad ass and you will likely learn the pain of silence. We often attempt to protect our hearing with foam ear plugs, regular ear muffs or other ear pro, but then you can’t hear the range commands (or your team leader’s orders to flank the guys in man dresses). This gets worse as your career progresses, and someday when everything is silent (or mostly so) you will definitely hear it.

It’s that buzz that has you looking around the room for a mosquito, or maybe something electric that’s making noise.

You don’t find it and the ringing ends up going away. A few more years of haphazardly using hearing protection, or even worse, not wearing adequate hearing protection at all, the ringing comes back. Unfortunately, this time it doesn’t leave you; instead, the silence becomes deafening. It gets to a point where you might require a fan to drone out that infernal noise in your ear.

Walker's Razor Ear Pro

Soon you can’t hear a damn thing. Though if you’re married or in the military, you can usually act like you’re listening when really you’re wondering if Asia Carrera is still doing movies.


The human body is a pretty amazing thing. It can heal after taking some serious trauma…for the most part. Your hearing sadly, doesn’t heal. Electronic hearing protection (also called “active ear pro”) like the Walker’s Razors are designed to amplify smaller noises so you can hear them while protecting you from the big ones that would ravage your ears. Electronic hearing protection works so well at amplifying noises you couldn’t hear before, it makes you question how good your hearing is.

Walker’s is known for making quite a variety of electronic hearing protection. The Razor is going to be released in several different color variations. We would have preferred a bit more subdued branding on the head strap, though this can be remedied by the many companies out there making camo hearing protection band covers (like the excellent ones from OC Tactical).

Walker's Razor Ear Pro

Note — this isn’t a review, we just thought these looked interesting. We’ve never used them., and please chime in if you have.

Just out of curiosity (and this is not a rhetorical question) what ear pro do you consider to be the best? Brand/style/in-ear/muff (heh heh, we said muff), whatever. Our minions prefer about as many different brands and styles as there are minions to prefer them. Both Reeder and Merrill miraculously agree the 3M TEP-100 is pretty tits, though Merrill is often seen with Peltor Comtac II’s. Big Joe loves his MSA Sordins. John Marrs likes him some Howard Leigh Impact Pros. Hernandez has been deaf as a post since before he became a septuagenarian. Mike the Mook says, “I prefer AAC 762SD, AAC TiRant45M, AAC Illusion 9, Gemtech Outback, SIG 338-QD, AAC 556SD and Underground Tactical Little Puff” (*snicker*). He wears Peltor Tac 7s when he’s in Kalifornia.

What about you? Any you’d like to see reviewed or talked about?

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