VIDEO: A Quick Look At The FNH USA FNS-9C

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Let’s face it, there’s a ton of gun owners out there in a never-ending quest for the perfect concealed carry gun.

Sure, lots of new shooters are entering the carry market, but if sales trends are any indication, even long time self defense handgun owners are buying more than one.

So it’s no surprise that FNH USA has thrown its hat into the ring with the new FNS Compact in both 40 and 9mm. When we got our hands on one back in December, we wondered whether FNH had tossed the concealed carry market on its head. Since then, the Glock 43 has thrown that a bit into doubt.

Needless to say the FNS-9C is an awesome carry gun that fights well above its weight. The 6.7-inch FNS-C we tested is a striker-fired auto-loader that comes in at just over 24 ounces empty. The 3.6 inch cold hammer forged barrel delivers exceptional accuracy and the double action trigger is crisp and fast.

The FNS-C definitely has aggressive lines, with slide serrations both fore and aft, large adjustable sights and an accessory rail. It comes with two 12-round magazines and a 17 rounder with a pinky extension that locks that bad boy into the hand like super glue. We tested the FNS-C at an IDPA BUG gun match and loved its accuracy, weight and feel.

On the nitpicky side, we had trouble with the ambidextrous mag release. With a good grip, the release presses against the shooting hand during a reload unless you unflex your hand slightly to give the release some room.

Small gripes aside though, the FNS compact is a badass carry gun for someone who wants a tough looking sidearm that’s comfortable in the hand and means business when it’s time to pull the trigger.


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