Victory First to Provide Training for LWRCI

Victory First Matt Jacques Joins LWRCI

Rifle manufacturer LWRCI needed someone to advise and ramrod their training program. They chose Victory First.


There has been a lot of talk about our buddy Matt Jacques and the Victory First cadre lately, for good reason. He’s a genuine patriot and his team are all American badasses. Matt has been slinging lead his entire adult life and has learned quite a bit about what works and whats bullshit. With a very accomplished resumé, diverse knowledge of firearms, back hair a wookiee would envy and southern gentleman charm, Matt has been bringing quality training to the public sector for about two years now under the Victory First! banner. Having trained now several times under his guidance (including having two minions at his very inaugural VF class in 2012), we are damned happy to congratulate him for his partnership with LWRC International of Cambridge Maryland. 

Matt Jacques - Victory First

Mr. Jacques will be leading as LWRCI’s Firearms Training Program as Senior Firearms Program Advisor.  This role is intended to support LWRC’s Law Enforcement, Military and Government Training programs. Says LWRCI Senior VP for Sales & Marketing, 

“As Senior Firearms Program Advisor, Matt will assist with development of training programs, systems design and development, using his experience to drive the LWRCI rifle programs into the future with key customers in Law Enforcement, Military and Government.” LWRC continues with this quote “We are looking for Matt Jacques to strengthen LWRCI training programs and help support integration of LWRCI weapon systems with our customers. Matt brings a wealth of product knowledge, personal relationships and tactical training expertise to our team.”


Victory First Matt Jacques and Mike Dale

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We concur, for a number of reasons. Matt and his team of squared away instructors (like Mike Dale) is a welcome addition to any professional team lucky enough to gain his insight and experience. He’s also no stranger to the LWRC family of weapons. 

“In my experience in the field-I have worked with guys that run LWRC rifles, use them on a daily basis for their jobs in LE and Government entities, and rely on them without reservations,” Jacques said. “I have always been impressed with the quality and durability of the end product.  LWRCI is a company I am proud to represent and excited to get things moving to help expand their current family of weapons and to build an effective training program.” 

He has also learned quite a lot about piston operated weapons, having worked for FNH USA – where he managed their belt fed weapons section and the SCAR program; as well as new equipment training for SOCOM and the SCAR family of weapons. His SCAR class taught by Victory First! is one of the most informative seminars one can attend on the weapon. His background with the SCAR series is so extensive in fact, and his work record with FNH so good, that Panteao Productions chose him to head up a video project on the weapon.



Matt Jacques Victory First with Fernando Coelho Panteao Productions 1

Matt acts as an adviser and consultant for multiple manufacturers and companies in the firearms industry. His input has resulted in better quality and user-friendly products being delivered to the end user. We have the utmost confidence that his partnership with LWRCI will result in the same, benefiting both company and those purchasing their rifles. For those of you who are fans of LWRCI, this announcement should be received with enthusiasm as it will help the company step forward into a new era of innovation and customer service. Given some of the rumors, uncertain and even negativity about LWRCI we’ve heard floating around over the last several months, bringing Jacques aboard may be just the thing to help them get themselves sorted out and reestablished.


For more information you can log onto or call 410-901-1348. If you are late to the party, and want to learn more about Matt Jacques, here are some options:

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