Vickers Elite Battlesights now for Glock 42/43

Wilson Combat and Vickers Tactical have teamed up to produce Vickers Elite Battlesights for Glock 42 and 43 pistols. These compact single-stack guns for concealed-carry are new but they were both instant successes and the aftermarket is quickly responding with many must-have upgrades and accessories.

Vickers Elite Battlesights come in a variety of configurations that will meet just about any shooter needs. Front sight are offered with red or green fiber optic inserts, a tritium night sight insert, a gold bead and a plain black post. These can be paired with a plain black U-notch rear sight or a U-notch sight with two tritium inserts for 3-dot night sights.

Battlesights are sold individually so that people can mix and match sights however they want. All the sights are serrated to cut glare, with round corners to reduce snagging. The rear sights are cut with a shelf to assist with one-handed pistol techniques.

Both rear sights have .145-inch notches designed to provide a balanced sight picture that’s open yet can still be used for precise shot placement. The rear sight channel is cone-shaped to prevent any tunnel effect, and both the front and rear sights are taller than standard sights to make them stand out more.

The decision to go with U-notch sights is to reduce the number of right angles in the sight picture in order to speed up target acquisition and aid in sight alignment.

One thing that everyone will like about these sights are the prices. A set of plain black Battlesights runs $74. Front sights range from $24 up to $75 for the gold bead, with the fiber optic fronts both at $39 and the tritium-powered sight only $45.

A lot of people associate a price premium with Wilson Combat products but with these you’re only getting the quality. The sights are steel with a parkerized finish.

Even though the Glock 42 and Glock 43 are still relatively new it’s nice to see companies deliver on ways to improve them right away. A good set of sights is an easy and affordable upgrade and with Wilson Combat and Vicars Tactical making these, it’s hard to go wrong.

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