Vantage Points, Military Crests and Defilade – NNSFW

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Tactical 16

Vantage is important – from where you set up on overwatch, to where you site your mortars and artillery, to the military crest of a boob. It’s all about angle and perspective.

Here are some vantage points we find quite engaging – we particularly love the military crest of bosoms, as well as that delightful area you’ll find in defilade from the crest of a boob.

It would be easier to just show you, and let you indulge your inner philogynistic scopophilia. You’re welcome.

Warning: NNSFW (Not Necessarily Safe For Work)


Breach Bang Clear Under Boob 3


Swinging Dick Approved Shirt US Constitution

Breach Bang Clear Under Boob 5

Breach Bang Clear Under Boob 21

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Breach Bang Clear Under Boob 24

RE Factor


Breach Bang Clear UnderBoob 22

Breach Bang Clear UnderBoob 6   Breach Bang Clear UnderBoob 14



Breach Bang Clear Side Boob 25

Do You Even Liberty 4


This has been a military vocabulary tutorial about “defilade” and “military crest.” We hope it helps your professional advancement.

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