US PALM Panty Dropper

Know what what makes us happier than $2 dance night at Nancy’s Squat’n’Gobble? Inexpensive little pieces of gear that make life easier, like the US PALM Panty Dropper. It’s designed to maximize the real estate on your battle belt. That’s good for those of us who either don’t have a ginormous frame or haven’t got the waist that comes from a lifetime of biscuits, gravy, and no PT. (They actually call it the 4:3 Dropper, but our name is unquestionably better).

US PALM 4-3 Dropper 6

Put simply, the US PALM 4:3 Dropper (manufactured in the USA by — you guessed it — US PALM) was designed to address and correct the problem of limited space on a battle belt. Some people run their belt in lieu of a day pack and need just a little more space. Others have specific loadout needs that demand a modular placement of specific pouches in a particular place. The Panty Dropper helps do that. As you can see, while it does take up three columns and two rows of PALS on your MOLLE compatible belt, it duplicates that space on the surface once in place and it adds three additional columns on a single row below.

The image you see here has a knife attached to that — but you obviously don’t have to go full retard drop-leg if you don’t want to (in case you were wondering, we think drop-legs of any kind should only be used in limited cases to address a specific need, not worn as a matter of course…but that’s just us). You can just as easily put something there for a contingency, like a folded up dump pouch for SSE, or put it to other use.

US PALM 4-3 Dropper 4

The best part? US PALM’s panty dropper is just $30 and it adds virtually no weight, so you might as well just spend a few bucks, throw it on your gear and be done. Why wouldn’t you want an entire additional segment of MOLLE just for contingencies?

US PALM 4-3 Dropper 5

US PALM 4-3 Dropper 7

Full specs of the US PALM 4:3 Dropper

  • Adds an extra 3 Columns/1 Row of MOLLE offset 3″ below the existing MOLLE
  • Occupies and offers 4 Columns / 2 Rows of MOLLE
  • Weight: .15 pounds
  • Colors: Multicam (Coyote to be released later this year; we have found that if you contact them they’ll often be able to accommodate other camo/color needs)
  • 100% U.S. made with U.S. materials

As far we know the Panty Dropper is only available in MultiCam, but they said they’d be doing some coyote tan too. We’ve found in the past that they’re pretty responsive when it comes to other camo pattern/color needs, so if you’re a LEO who needs black/blue/OD or an NSW pipe-hitter who needs AOR 1 to match your perfect, glorious hair, it might be worth reaching out to them. Oh, and we hear they’re going to do a limited run of red, white and blue gear that says FEEL THE BERN on the upper MOLLE row. They’re giving those away free, but only if you promise to 1) never breed and 2) wear it while you’re playing in traffic during rush hour every day.

You can follow US PALM (online here) on Instagram @uspalm; they’re also the Ye Olde Booke of Face here.

US PALM 4-3 Dropper 3 US PALM 4-3 Dropper 1


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