Urban Carry G2 Review – The Viral Holster

I think it was 2015 when the first viral video of the Urban Carry holster hit Youtube and Facebook. If you were the ‘gun’ guy or gal in your group of friends you were tagged in this video over and over again. (To all my friends who tag me in Gun stuff on Facebook, I already seen’t it! All of it!) Anyway that video went viral, and so did their next one. Tens of millions of views later the Urban Carry holster is on the market. The Urban Carry carry holster was everywhere. The newest model, the Urban Carry G2, is their flagship holster. We were lucky enough to get an Urban carry holster for review.


If you were one of the few people who didn’t see those videos the Urban Carry G2 holster is a deep concealment holster. The easiest, and least polite way to describe it is it’s a leather bag the is secured to your belt by a metal clip. It’s also inside your pants.

It is generally pretty tough to accurately describe via text, so just watch Urban Carry’s video. It makes more sense.

First impressions of the Urban Carry Holster

First impressions were not good, I won’t lie. The reason being is the leather is rigid when you first get your hands on it. It’s not soft or supple, and it doesn’t conform to your body. It also printed like crazy! As a man, I can say it was quite flattering. It worked better under jeans than it did khakis.

Urban Carry G2
Gat and G2

I kept thinking I was doing something wrong when I tried to draw the gun. I couldn’t get it work just write. The holster wouldn’t come out of my pants, I’d have to seriously rip this thing out of my pants. It was a real hassle and I genuinely thought this was it for the holster. It wasn’t going to work for me.

Then It Clicked

I kept wearing it though and the leather softened and became more conforming to my pants and body. I also learned how to wear it a lot better. It needs to be placed in the proper position to maximize concealment and ensure its within reach with both hands.For me, the clip was right in front of the front pocket. When placed there is was easy to reach and quite concealed.

Rare Earth Magnet to improve retention

The Urban Carry G2 holster works best if two hands can access it. It can be used with one hand, but is a lot slower and can be clumsy. It took me some time to get used to grabbing the top of the holster with my left han d. I kept reaching with my right, which makes drawing the firearm a hassle.

Everyday Carry with the Urban Carry G2

After a couple weeks of dry fire practice, and live fire on the weekends I felt I had mastered the Urban Carry G2.  I could draw without looking like an idiot, and do it pretty fast. My day job requires a tucked in shirt, and I’ve gone to pocket carry to solve that problem. However, the G2 is another option and a really comfortable one at that. I wear cargo pants at work, so I use a cargo pocket holster. Unlike traditional pocket carry I can carry a larger firearm, like my Walther PPS.

If I didn’t wear cargo pockets I’d be isolated to a much smaller gun for pocket carry. If you wear a tucked in shirt and don’t have the joy of cargo pockets then the G2 allows you to carry a larger firearm comfortably and concealed.

Urban Carry G2
Dry Fire Practice

It stays in place really well when I’m climbing around, in and out of my car, and up and down ladders. It also stays comfortable.

Live Fire Practice

The smaller the gun the easier it is to conceal. I carried my Walther PPS most often and it was still well concealed. Carrying my Colt Pocketlite was an absolute dream because of how small it is. Long story short I like it, and it serves its purpose. My favorite method of carry is stong side OWB. This won’t replace my favorite method of carry but it offers me an alternative option when I need one.


I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this holster, and want to address a few quick ones here.

Does it Print?

Yes and no. At first when the leather is stiff it prints a ton. After a little time with the Urban Carry G2 it softens and shows a lot less. It doesn’t really print because when the holster shows it doesn’t give the outline of a firearm. When positioned right it just looks like I have something in my pocket.

Cell Phone in one Pocket, Urban Carry G2 printing on the other side

Can you draw while sitting?

Not really, but kind of. You have to position your body in a weird way, but its possible. Urban Carry is actually honest about this and says basically the same thing.

Is it comfortable?

At first no, but once the leather breaks in yes, it’s very comfortable and easy to forget about.

Can fat dudes and dudettes wear it?

Yes, as a hefty man I have no issues using it. Just make sure your belt isn’t super tight.

What about wearing skinny jeans?

Yeah, I can’t say from experience because I’m a grown man, but I don’t think so.

The Urban Carry G2 and Its Purpose

I see this holster as an excellent option when you really have to deeply conceal a handgun. Some situations simply won’t allow easy carrying of a gun. This is also a good option for a backup gun. If you have the ability to free your mind you can also simply conceal valuables on your body.

No one is going to pickpocket your Urban Carry G2 holster. You can safely stow your cash, passport, ID’s, keys, and really whatever fits. I thought I as pretty clever figuring this out, but Urban Carry mentions this on their website. They also sell an Urban Cache for just that purpose.

The Urban Carry G2 comes in different sizes, for different guns. Urban has even produced an option for holding an extra magazine in a separate smaller holster. They actually carry a variety of holsters, belts, and even purses, so check ’em out here.

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