UH-1 Holographic Sight by Vortex Optics

I have featured the Vortex Optics UH-1 on a few articles and this is my final review on it. It’s badass and I can’t imagine switching to something else… end of review. Just kidding. The UH-1 has been adopted by anyone and everyone that can get their hands on it as the go-to CQC/CQB optic. It’s fair in weight and the eye relief is incredible (I mean it is a holograph so that’s not really a point I can make lol) and the stigmatism is non-existent and that’s a big factor of why I like it. It doesn’t “blow up” or “star out” as some people find with the EOTech’s.

Craftsmanship and Durability

The durability is incredible as I have really beat this thing up. My buddies over at Vortex Optics told me to take it through the ringer and that’s exactly what I’ve done. The only thing that has happened is it has scratched but that’s nothing that a little paint can’t fix. I’ve dropped it, taken it on and off the rifle and I have also thrown it (for testing purposes). It has held its zero every single time. Trying to get it on paper is hard at first and that’s my biggest complaint, but I also only had a few minutes to get it on paper so I was rushing a bit. I also didn’t have it benched up so that may of been part of the problem as well.

Pictured Above: working on hot extract tactics in an undisclosed location in Virginia. Technically they say to always secure yourself in, but we were working on a new product to keep yourself in vehicles. Typically trucks are the best, but you have to use what you have around you. *Photo by @NatRodgersPhotography*

UH-1 vs EOTech

UH-1 AMG vs any EOTech I’ve used? I’ll take the UH-1 over just about any EOTech.. you may ask why? Stigmatism, man. Stigmatism is a b*tch and its always there for me.. until now. Vortex did a fantastic job on the UH-1 and broke into an area where they haven’t really been.. in fact an area where not a lot of optics companies have been. EOTech was the main go to.. Vortex shut that down. The guys I train are all slowly moving to the UH-1 and that’s great news. EOTech is still out there, but the sales have gone down a lot since the UH-1 came out. During training my buddy asked me “Have you ever used one of these?” and he pulled out a UH-1. I went to my bag and said: “I got one right here buddy”. After about 30 minutes of talking about how great it was, we finally got to doing a little weapons work.