U.S. Rise of Naval Might

I love historical pieces. I love technology. So this video is just right on the type of rabbit hole I like to leap down. A History of the rise of U.S. Naval Might.

We like to envision the United States as this titan of world power who, once we kicked Great Britain out back in 1776 (and took a few years after to actually fight the war) just did as we pleased upon the world stage. But that is simplistic view largely influenced by or post WWII military industry.

We tend to have this warped view that during the revolution we took the HMS Enterprise, made her the U.S.S Enterprise, and then Captain James Tiberius Kirk led us to sweet victory from then on.

Our Navy actually was a bunch of puddle jumpers that built up and drew down depending on who we were fighting. We were behind the naval dominance power curve of the Royal Navy until right before we had to take on Imperial Japan. It’s fascinating to see where our priorities shifted throughout our history and see how and when we chased technology.

The undisputed might of our navy was quite disputed until we won WWII. It was after that we finally decided not mass drawdown our forces like we had in the past and maintain a substantial military. Our force numbers change but we maintain a globally ready fleet now.

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