U.S. Clays Team Smokes Guinness World Record, Breaks 14,176 clays in 12 hours

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A team organized by CZ-USA this month managed to obliterate Guinness world record for clays shooting that has stood since 2005.

An official Guinness World Records attempt, the group aimed to break a previous Guinness record for the most sporting clays shot by a five-person team in 12 hours. That standing record, for 4,602 targets, was set by a team at UK’s Kent Gun Club in March 2005.

The new record– a staggering 14,176 clays–  was set at the Powder Creek Shooting Park in Lenexa, Kansas, over the weekend.

This month’s five-member team– spearheaded by David Miller, CZ-USA’s shotgun manager, and pro-shooter– was composed of avid youth shotgunners who had previously participated in an A.I.M. or SCTP competitive shotgun shooting event. The members, chosen by CZ through an essay contest, were Levi Henrichs, Makayla Scott, Jessica Strasser, and Weston Zolck.

“This new world record took a great deal of practice, commitment and concentration,” said Miller in a statement. “And these young shooters never faltered! I’m very proud of these young people and their stellar work ethic. This new world record could not have been set without their dedication to excellence.”

The team fired Aguila shells and used CZ’s new 1012 series shotguns, and the attempt was held on Oct. 12 as a reference to the design. Using a gas-less spring bolt operating system, CZ says the 1012s run cleaner and more reliably than contemporary semi-auto shotguns on the consumer market.

CZ has five initial models of the 12 gauge 1012 headed to the market, all with 28-inch vent ribbed barrels with a 3-inch chamber and a 4+1 magazine tube. The overall length is 49 inches while the average weight is a handy 6.5-pounds, which should have a broad appeal to a diverse range of sportsmen.

All have a cross-bolt safety and 14.5-inch length-of-pull. Each shotgun ships with five extended chokes with an MSRP ranging from $659 to $749 depending on the model.


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