Turning a gold bar into a $1500 gold bullet (VIDEO)

The guys at Cody’s Lab took roughly two ounces of gold and cast a very pricey and super dense alternative metal .50 caliber bullet– then actually shot the thing!

Since gold is so heavy the weight of the round tipped the scales at about 580-grains, but it didn’t stop Cody from pushing it down the throat of a muzzle loader and, propelled by 50-grains of black powder, firing it twice– picking up about 900fps.

Naturally, due to the weight of the round, it penetrated more reams of copy paper than a comparable sized lead bullet. And yes, it was recovered– though some of the gold was lost in the process.

Source Article from http://www.guns.com/2017/03/17/turning-a-gold-bar-into-a-1500-gold-bullet-video/

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