Turn Your Bow Into a Double Barrel

By Russ Chastain

Double Barrel Arrow Loader - loaded and ready

Bowhunting has much allure for many hunters… but there are many downsides to it. Hunting with a bow puts you at a definite disadvantage when compared to hunting with a modern firearm. One of those shortcomings is the lack of ability to make quick follow-up shots.

An innovative product from DJD Enterprises, which they call the Double Barrel Arrow Loader, can help hunters improve that.

Double Barrel Arrow Loader – loaded and ready. Photo courtesy of DJD Enterprises, LLC

It’s simply a forked arrow holder that grips an extra arrow and holds it off to one side, roughly parallel with a nocked arrow. After shooting your nocked arrow, you can use your string hand to grab the rear end of the arrow in the Double Barrel, swing it over and snap the nock onto your string, then move the arrow shaft onto your arrow rest. With practice, you could probably do that last part with a finger of the hand you’re using to hold the riser.

I have collarbone trouble and can’t use a bow anymore, but if I did I’d consider this… although I’m sometimes pretty clumsy with just one arrow sticking out of my compound bow; with two I might experience double trouble.

Double Barrel Arrow Loader – loading a new arrow. Photo courtesy of DJD Enterprises, LLC

The Double Barrel Arrow Loader has the North American Hunting Club Seal of Approval, and can be had for about $30 (plus shipping) in black, or Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo for an extra ten bucks – and you can buy it at their website.

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