Tuff Products ITuck Review

Concealed carry has changed so much over the last few years. More states are offering true shall issue permits with even Illinois and DC being forced to allow for concealed carry. The influx of new shooters who now carry on a limited or consistent basis is growing at an astonishing rate.

At the same time technology has changed greatly in just the last five years. New polymers, advanced metallurgy as well as coatings have made carrying lightweight, reliable pistols a more comfortable experience. Gone is the day of a 5 inch 1911 and a leather holster or a snappy revolver your only options.

While many of these solutions will not appeal to the die hard market the fact is, there is now a huge segment of the population that is only now considering the need or importance of CC.

Encouraging and working with these new shooters is something we as a community need to. It is these individuals who will help us tip the vote.

One of the newer products that we have seen that is indicative of this switch to support EDC over Tactical use is from TUFF Products. Tuff has made a focus on deep concealed, on body carry that is comfortable.

The Ituck series is one such example. Designed to both look like and function as a Smartphone belt case the Ituc hides in plain sight. However, one pull of the protective phone cover up out of the pants, and you gain access to a larger compact frame gun.

From salesmen on the road to IT professionals in the office, the Ituc will meet the needs of concealment and function.

One of the things I love about this holster is how it completely masks printing. It is not uncommon to see a phone case attached to a person belt in an office setting or even out around the mall. When your eye is drawn to it, you recognise the item and disregard it.

By placing the IWB gun behind the OWB phone holster, any “any printing” is visually accepted as part of the phone case. Ingenious and comfortable,

The holster is designed almost like a saddle bag that will ride your belt. The gun pocket portion rides inside your pants with the gun being placed just below your pants rim or along it based on weapon size and personal preference.

The pocket for your gun is adjustable with velcro to allow fro a lower or higher ride on your body or to accommodate up to 5 inch barrels.

The phone case part is attached to the outside of your pants via a belt hook. You can slide a phone up to the size of the new iPhone 6 in the version we tested with a larger case having just hit the market for your Galaxy and IPhone 6 Phablets.

Both the gun and the phone are secured in their respective spots via a velcro flap. The flap is designed in such a way that opening and closing of the phone storage space still leaves the firearm completely hidden. You will not need to worry about going to grab that call while in front of a client, and your CCW is discovered.

If you do need to draw your weapon simply tug straight up. The velcro flap frees the gun up for access, and the firearm holster comes up and out of your pants, This action will give you enough room to facilitate a quick, secure grip on the handle.

  • Pros
    Easily concealable in all environments
    Versatile placement at any point around your waist
    Adjustable for multiple guns
  • Cons
    Speed of Draw
    Two hand manipulation highly recommended.

We say it all the time there is no free lunch. When you gain comfort and concealment, it’s often at the cost of draw speed. In addition to the delay in getting to the gun due to yanking of the velcro flap with your off hand, you will also have a bit more difficulty getting your hand on the weapon based on it being placed in the pocket.

The Outlaw Josie Wails isn’t going to like this holster. Your high-speed, low drag guys equally will not like this due to the required draw technique, and frankly that’s ok cause this wasn’t designed for them.

If your a traveling rep especially here in the D and your companies frowns on CC, then this is going to fill a real need. For the new carrier who is still fearful of printing this maybe the holster you need to get you past that fear and comfortable enough to make carrying a part of your everyday life.

Lastly for those who like belt based phone carries this will allow you to easily add a backup gun to your load out without taking up additional space.

If the Ituc is something you’re interested in then please go check out Tuff Products website for pricing and color availability. At time of this printing, the product is in stock and shipping same day.

$39.99 at Tuff Products


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