Tuff Products 1.5″ E.D.C. EZ-Feed Cobra Ranger Belt

If you follow us on Facebook you will know a few months back we asked users what belts they wear. Some really great recommendations came in and we sifted through our budget and connections for T&E gear to see who we could check out for an article. My goal was to do an article comparing all the belts together with the goal of picking an ultimate belt. The plan was fundamentally flawed for a few reasons.

To do a proper belt review you need at least 30 days of wearing a belt. So with 4 belts to review the article would be a 4 month project at the minimum. This would be manageable though those companies that sent T&E gear they expected to get back may not have been very happy. The larger issue became the fact that like the 45 vs 9mm or AK vs AR debates belts serve many purposes. Based on our selections and recommendations we found that many of the belts we did order or get sent to us did not exactly overlap each other in use. They all fell into the EDC market but even in that market you have lots of different levels of carry.

So instead of writing a comparison article as originally intended we have decided to look at each belt and discus it stand alone for its pro’s and cons. This will be our second article on the topic and will cover the Tuff Products 1.5 inch EDC Cobra Ranger Belt.

Tuff Products  1.5″ E.D.C. EZ-Feed Cobra Ranger Belt

First off this product and all belts we will review for this article are going to be Made in the USA. As a Michigander the Made in the USA label is something very important to me. While it is not always possible to find products that are made here when there is an option I prefer American made and Tuff Products is proud to be American sewn and made.

The belt is made to be worn by every day citizens with an emphasis on EDC and concealed carry along with supporting the weight that comes with that. It comes in color schemes that work well with civilian clothes and can easily blend in as just another belt though to those in the know a cobra belt is a sure fire sign of hey I’m carrying a gun. But based on the color schemes the soccer mom in line behind you at Kroger is not going to say oh hey nice military belt.

The belt is designed with a 1.5″ base layer that has a 1″ Mil Spec webbing that creates a belt adjustable up to 6 inches. This is a huge selling point for me. I go between summer and winter weight and often find that belts with limited range of motion require me to buy multiples. We here love the fact that not only did this belt fit me no matter how much I ate on Christmas Day it also fit my healthier and thinner reviewer. 6 inches is a huge range of motion. Remember when buying do not go from pants size, these are meant to be sized to your actual waist.

Adjustments need only be made one time and the 1 inch webbing wraps back into the belt webbing allowing for any overlapped material to be tucked out of the way. This means no issues with appearance or having flaps that stick out uncomfortably.

Tech Specs

  • Base Layer: 1.5″ Double Layer STUFF Scuba Dive Webbing
  • Accent Layer: 1″ Mill Spec Webbing
  • Buckle: Cobra 1.5″
  • True to waist size not pant size

1.5″ Cobra Buckle


When I spoke to another belt manufacturer he advised me against the cobra buckle due to the pain in the ass it can be, having to take the buckle off to thread the belt into your pants. When I spoke to Nanci at Tuff Products we discussed this issue when she suggested this belt over another style they offer. The reason is that with a 1.5″ Cobra Buckle you can actually feed this buckle through your pants without having to take off the clasp.

For those of us who have done this morning dance, you know you have to regularly refit the buckle to your body and adjust your size. With the Tuff Products system you can set your belt width once and only change it if and when your waist size moves.  This saves you a good 3 minutes you can use to get some extra me time or practice drawing your weapon in the morning.


This belt is likely the most comfortable of the EDC belts I have worn.  The 1.5 inch base layer has a rounded edge on the top and bottom. This makes the material less likely to bite into you when bending over. The weight is dissipated well across the belt when supporting an IWB or OWB holster.

The accompanying velcro strap does a great job of keeping the 2 pieces of the belt tight together so there is no separation of the material at the buckle. An issue that I only noticed in other belts after having worn this so it might not be a problem for you. I found it to be a nice touch here though and have since made one for my other EDC belt.

We are attaching a gallery of images that outline how to properly adjust the belt. If I can get a better quality camera and over my stage fright we will add a video on this soon.

stepbystep (11)


This belt is not without it’s cons though they are very limited and more of an issue of perception vs the reality.

When I saw the belt online I was really excited for a cobra buckle belt that had MOLLE attachment. If you look at the attache picture you will see that belt looks like it has a single row of MOLLE loops.



This is not actually MOLLE and will not support weight. This is part of the design that allows for the tucked in and expandable 6 inch panel of the second accent layer. While this is not really a con once you know what your getting it would be easy to mistake this by looking at it. To Tuff Products credit they do not advertise it as MOLLE and when asked they make it clear the webbing is not designed to support MOLLE gear.

The only other issue we found with the buckle was OWB holsters. 3 of my 4 OWB holsters did not fit past the buckle on the belt. The one that did was very tight but workable. There is a few things you can do to get around this issue. One is you can take off the buckle and slide the OWB loops on. In 2 of the 3 that had not fit this worked fine. One set of OWB loops was still too thin to support this belt. That holster however will not fit on any of my other thicker EDC belts either and only works with my Galco leather gun belt.  Doing this does defeat the purpose of a EDC belt you can slip on without having to adjust the buckle on daily. 

The other way to deal with this is get new belt loops for your OWB. The one set of loops that did fit on this gun were on an ODB that had a wide area between the loops to allow for a rigid belt it also had larger belt loops which supported the 1.5 inch thick cobra buckle. So lucky for my my prefered OWB rig did actually fit but your mileage may vary. I personally IWB most of the time so for me this is not an issue at all but if you are an OWB kind of person it is something to consider. In that case you may want to look at the instructor belt they offer.


This is a really well made full adjustable belt that fits all of your tactical pants and almost all your standard pants as well. It comes in a series of cool colors and is customisable to create a inner and outer belt combination that works for your tastes.

It is a USA made product with heavy duty materials including a metal Cobra buckle. There is no plastic or cheap parts and the sowing on this is tight and well made.

I have tried 6 different styles of IWB belt clips and none of them have given me an issue. I have loaded my pants down with multiple guns and pockets full of loaded Pmags just to test how well they kept my pants on and found no issues.

Wearing the all black version my wife has been happy to see me look less like a Craft International employee when running out to Target and my sons school. I do intend to change that though by ordering another belt in OD Green because I find fun in pushing our boundaries.

In short while I did have this belt sent to me on a T&E I will be buying it. The comfort and low profile make it worthy of a spot in my belt rotation. This truly is an EDC belt that looks good and works well in the real world when carrying a weapon.

With this being a custom belt (you choose the base and accent colors at time of purchase) the delay on shipping is about 2 weeks. We list this as a pro as many of the other companies who import belts or make custom rigs are closer to 2 times that being over 30 – 45 days.

Tuff Products stands behind their product. If you ever have any issue with the product just call them. They warranty the items for wear and tear (not misuse) for 5 years and in some cases they will even back them longer. Just call them first and let them know what the issue is. I can say after daily wear for 45 days putting numerous holsters on and off I have seen no wear or threading issues with the belt. My leather belts can not say the same.

Special Discount

One of the things we have been pushing for on our reviews from companies is the ability to pass along a discount over any form of compensation for ourselves. Tuff Products has agreed to give all 248 Shooter Fans a discount of 20% on any order over $70 with no limit. use the coupon code 248S at time of purchase and the discount will be automatically applied. (Kunai Pen and SWAT Knife excluded)

This is a limited time coupon that will be ending once spring hits so be sure to grab the gear you want now before the thaw begins. This discount is good on any products that Tuff sells not just the belts. We will be doing some more reviews on their gear very soon as they have agreed to let us try out a few other items that looked promising. Be sure to check back here for more on that.

The belt can be found here: http://www.tuffproducts.com/TUFF_E_D_C_Ez_Feed_Cobra_Ranger_Belt_p/9011.htm 


Charles is the editor for 248 Shooter a midwest based gun news and gear review site as well as Online Content Director for On Target Magazine. He is an avid student taking classes from top tier trainers around the country. Charles shares his love for training as well as experience and opinions on some of the most talked about gear and products used by competitive shooters, military, leo and civilians.