Tuff Multi-Gun Range Bag Review

If you are thinking about multi-gun, three-gun or other shooting sports, you know that the gear you need is not going to be cheap. However for those starting out the cost does not need to be prohibitive. The best advice I received from 3 and multi gunners is just get out there and try it. Worry about upgrading your gear down the road when you see what types of issues you have to overcome.

One thing I have noticed though is even if you’re using the most basic of gear you’re going to need to transport and train with a lot of ammo. While I love my Vanquest gear bags for EDC my favorite company for range and duty bags is Tuff Products. At SHOT this year they were kind enough to highlight their new 4088 Tuff Multi-Gun Bag and let us take one home.

I have been using this bag since Jan and having to be very careful to not let pictures of it leak out as it was not in full production yet. If I go to the range, this bag goes with me. Here is why.

  • Dual removable exterior pockets for 5 AR and 5 Pistol mags.
  • 2 Inner Firearm Padded Compartments
  • 2 Adjustable Padded Dividers
  • Shoulder Strap Included (mine didn’t since it was a prototype)



The removable exterior pockets are a huge hit for me for a few reasons. By default, these pockets hold 10 Ar mags and ten pistol mags. If you’re running +10 base pads on your 30 rounder’s that means you can fit 400 rounds of ammo in loaded magazines as well as another 170 pistol rounds if running 17 rounders. That is 570 rounds of ammunition before using up any of the bags internal storage. If you’re not running a pistol you can double stack the AR pouches and actually fit 20 magazines.

The protective flaps that cover the magazines also come off and can be used as a clean and scratch free surface for loading and unloading your mags and guns. While many 3 gunners will not care about scratching a finish, it serves its purpose for those who love their safe queen.

The main compartment is an ultra wide opening with 2 zippers with a Velcro flap allowing for easy access to the large deep pockets. This makes getting large ammo boxes especially shotgun boxes in and out of the bag easy.

The padded dividers allow for you to easily change your loadout based on the type, of course, your shooting or your specific range needs. I like to run a blow out kit inside the bag with a backup set of ear protection. In addition, it easily holds 150 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun rounds with room for another 2-300 rounds of pistol ammo. If you took out the med kit, you could get another 75 rounds of shotgun and another 100 of 9mm in there for sure.

In the main compartment as well is 2 removable and padded gun pockets. These will fit full sized long slide guns with RMR without an issue. Since I often concealed carry 1 pistol to the range and usually only bring one other pistol the second internal pocket is often used to carry my staple gun. The external pistol magazine pouches work to carry a box of staples and a pen.

4088-TOP View

The bag by itself is a sturdy mix of single and double layered Nylon which is designed to stand up to the incredibly heavy loads associated with carrying this much ammo.

Since my early release version did not have a shoulder strap I cannot comment on the comfort but pictures from the product release do show the strap with an extra wide shoulder saver that would be required for this much weight. The grab handles are strong and durable however not comfortable. For the relatively short walk from the truck to an event however it should not be an issue.

For gun clubs, shoot teams or retail stores Tuff has also made this bag brandable. Be sure to reach out to them about getting your club name heat transfred onto the bag as a great way to remind your customers who you are.

In all, this bag is much like a base truck. It will do a job, even a hard job, incredibly well but lacks the bells and whistles often associated with range bags. You won’t find a bigger workhorse at a lower price, and that is where this bag shines. The bag is only $129.00 retail and using retail code 248S you can receive 20% off at checkout. Making this one of the least expensive bags in this class and a huge value.

Currently available in Coyote now and in Black coming in the future…


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Charles is the editor for 248 Shooter a midwest based gun news and gear review site as well as Online Content Director for On Target Magazine. He is an avid student taking classes from top tier trainers around the country. Charles shares his love for training as well as experience and opinions on some of the most talked about gear and products used by competitive shooters, military, leo and civilians.