Truglo offers night sights for Remington shotguns

Texas-based Truglo released a rear/front sight set made for daytime, dim-light and no-light use of popular Remington shotguns.

It’s called the TFX PRO, a variation on the company’s well-known handgun product line of the same name. Any Remington shotgun with dovetail sight mounts and an elevation ramp will accept this setup.

The front sight is the only illuminated one, and makes use of Truglo’s self-titled TFX-Pro design. The sights employ both tritium for nighttime self-illumination and fiber optic material for daytime visibility.

The rear sight, with its U-shaped notch, mounts where the factory sight does, and is adjustable for elevation and windage. Truglo’s focus-lock ring design is utilized on the front sight, facilitating rapid target acquisition and focus.

Truglo kept rough duty use in mind when designing these sights. They’re made of CNC-machined steel and coated with rust-resistant Fortress Finish. The luminous front sight is encased in a shock-proof, chemical-resistant capsule. It’s safe for use with all  cleaning methods, including ultrasonic.

The luminous sight isn’t visible from the target side, a big tactical advantage.

Truglo points out that this new accessory can also be useful in dim-light hunting conditions like hog hunting. Having a clearly defined sight should help anyone using slugs or specialized loads be more accurate.

Though Truglo itsef has had a fiber optic shotgun/rifle sight available for sometime, this is apparently their first tritium- enhanced one. It will interesting to see if the accessory is produced to be compatible with other popular tatical shotgun models in the future.

This sight upgrade will surely be popular among tactical and night-hunting shtogunners.  MSRP is $104.

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