Tru-Spec 24-7 Series Tactical Softshell Jacket

I’ll start off by noting here that I truly like the Tru-Spec 24-7 Series Tactical Softshell Jacket and I clarify why in my post. The jacket was provided to me by Tru-Spec after meeting with the brand representatives at the Tac-Ops East show in Arlington, Virginia. After speaking with them a package showed up at my doorstep no less than a week after our meeting. The timing was very good considering that we are moving into wetter weather in Virginia and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve enjoyed using the 5.11 jacket Sabre with hood but that one isn’t as suitable for days when you just need a baseball cap and light jacket for light rain because the 5.11 jacket is heavy and makes you feel hot. The 5.11 Response jacket would  be the most comparable item for light weather use. Some other brands that are comparable are to the Tru-Spec 24-7 are the Eglemall Outdoor, Propper B.A. Softshell, and Blackhawk Softshell and each has their pros and cons. A good softshell jacket should be a part of your wardrobe.

I wasn’t sure what color jacket Tru-Spec was sending me. The jacket comes in two colors: black and coyote. When I opened the box of mail and saw the coyote color I was very pleased. The jacket is a light coyote color, almost a true tan, than it is brown or a redder tan. The image on their website depicts the color perfectly so don’t go by the color coded box as a reference point because it looks brown.  This is a  professional and modern looking softshell jacket. It is tailored, trim and athletically cut.


Let’s just say here the jacket is smart looking and it works well over a t-shirt or lightweight fleece. Because of it’s simple lines, and the soft nylon/polyester material the manufacturer uses it hangs nicely on the frame and doesn’t look too stiff or tactical. Tru-Spec chose to use coyote colored zippers instead of black zippers so this really improves the overall look. The look is subtle and you’ll likely only notice this once you put it side by side with another garment that uses black zippers.

The jacket collar length is cut generously and can be turned up for those windy or wet days. There is a comfortable fleece lined zip through the collar. The hem of the jacket drops a bit lower than the front of the jacket in order to protect your backside. It isn’t too long where you are sitting on it and struggling to get your wallet or gun out if you have to.

In fashion clothes that looks the best tends to be made of softer materials in order for it to fall smartly over the body. The fitter you are the better the garment will look on you. This jacket with its simple lines makes it look smooth for work and play. Great for gunfighters and for those who want it for weekend wear. Ride your motorcycle through the city on a chill day and meet your friends at the local pub. The material is pliable and feels durable. Although the material is firmer than softer it will fold into a pile nicely and won’t be wrinkled when you pick it up. I prefer light jackets that don’t look wrinkled after you set them down on your car seat or roll around on the ground in it during gun practice.  I know that some people want this jacket to be the “be-All and End-all” jacket but it’s not. The jacket is thick, warm, lightweight and very comfortable over the body. Determine what you want to use this jacket for.  It is good for cold weather but not for bone chilling weather. If they used a stiffer material it would protect against wind better than this polyester. I have no problem wearing this jacket anywhere.


After taking the jacket out of the box and plastic bag it was wrapped in I noticed each jacket sleeve had loop fasteners to attach insignia or badges. I immediately slapped a Spotterup patch on each arm. The entire outside of the jacket garment is made of the same polyester material, while the interior of the jacket is a mixture of fleece and netting.

The jacket has: two angled waist pockets with hidden, waterproof zipper closures and mesh lining, angled sleeve pockets with waterproof zippered closures, side seam zippers for easy access to belt or torso, hook & loop self-fabric cuff closures, one-hand cord lock waist drawstring and two rear zipper pockets on lower back.

The jacket is 100% Polyester with a durable water repellent (DWR). “DWR, is a coating added to fabrics at the factory to make them water-resistant (or hydrophobic). Most factory-applied treatments are fluoropolymer.” The jacket retails for about $109.00 and there are sales from time to time. The sizes go from extra small up to 5XL. As a lightweight jacket the 24-7 is very suitable for wearing in windy conditions and it is water resistant too. It is not waterproof. Standing in a light rain it will hold up for about 30 minutes until it begins to get soaked but is exceptionally fast in drying out.

For those griping about the interior of the jacket being made of a thin netting please keep in mind that the jacket was designed to be worn with other layers so it can be adapted to most environments and temperatures. This is a light fleece that will keep you warm in mild temperatures about 50-60 degrees. Perhaps they could go with a polyester spandex blend. Layer it if you expect to be in colder temperatures in places such as Illinois or Montana where that frequently happens. This not a winter jacket. It is good for chilly details, but definitely not for standing around in freezing weather. Pair it up with a vest, a slick looking hoodie (buy ours! Just purchase it here!), or an insulated jacket. There is enough room in the jacket to do this as it is true to size. It does not have underarm vents such as the Condor Phantom does. Zip the zippers down half-way if you get too hot and this will let air in. What little there is of the interior mesh liner helps absorb moisture.


For high output jaunts this jacket excels for 50 degree and colder environments, and you’ll notice how warm you stay. When the temperatures drop below freezing again I recommend pairing with a hoodie, sweater or under-layer. I’d like to see this model with a hood option. How can you use this jacket? This jacket is great for cycling, hiking, casual wear, and running if you’re after a perp. I like the fact that the jacket has a lot of pockets but it would have been nice to have a pocket on the chest to hold a phone, field-notes, wallet, or identification. There are enough pockets to use this jacket for hiking; just shove your energy bars, hydration gel packs and cap into the side pockets or the back pockets. Yes, the jacket comes with a back pocket, and you can stuff first-aid material back there, a light rain-proof parka that can be smushed down, reflective belt or vest if you get caught in a bad down pour while changing a flat-tire.

The interior of the pocket uses the jacket’s inner net liner as its liner. The side-pockets are tall, wide and deep. I like this jacket a lot but I do prefer some kind of fleece or wool liner to keep the fingers warm in cold temps. The pocket sizes are generous enough to hold your skull cap, baseball cap, energy bars and even a sandwich from Subway’s if you need to stow it away quickly in an emergency. Pack in your iPad or other electronic devices. The arm pockets open from top to bottom which is a normal safety feature so you don’t lose your gear that you stowed away if the zipper is pulled half-way down. The arm pockets are easy to open and close.

The side seam zippers on the jacket are great for easy access to your belt, holster or torso and and it’s covered by a button snap. This side seam is great for making adjustments to your belt-mounted equipment, holster or ballistic vest. The jacket hem can be yanked tighter simply by using one-hand cord lock waist drawstring found sewn inside the hem and reachable inside the jacket pockets.


My jacket is a large. I am 5’9″ and 175 lbs. It fits nicely over my athletic frame with enough room left over in the chest and backside for me to use a plate carrier, ballistic vest or backpack. The arms are a bit snug and if you have large biceps/triceps it might be somewhat tight. Now keep in mind if you are wearing another garment beneath it such as a sweater or some type of police vest, plate carrier and armor I recommend going up one size. Consider what kind of layers and holsters you will be using. Are you going to use and In the Waist Band (IWB) or Outside the Waist (OWB) Band because a larger size might matter.  Someone with larger shoulders than mine and another 10-5 lbs on them could wear it without discomfort. My only real issue with this jacket are the lengths of the sleeves. The sleeves drop about 4″ below my wrist bone. The hook & loop self-fabric cuff closures remedy any sagging and the longer cuffs are ideal for those riding with gloves on a motorcycle if their is chilly weather. The long sleeves are good for when you must climb and they won’t sag down your arms thanks to the stretchy material. If you have short arms you’re not going to like that extra length in the sleeve.  It tends to bunch up at the elbows for guys without Gumby-esque arms.


I’ve used this jacket on a daily basis since I got it. The rain stopped last week so I haven’t been able to use it since I put it to use for the first two weeks. I can’t tell you how it would hold up if I was rolling in the grass, mud or crawling along a rooftop. It would likely show grass stains and slight abrasions as would most jackets made of polyester. Beer spills, mud, etc I haven’t put it to the test but don’t think it’s necessary. This is a jacket I want to to keep in good shape. I’ve seen something comparable at Cabela’s for about $60.00 but like many companies attempting to get in on the tactical buyers market it wasn’t as nicely made; the material is thinner and lighter, not as durable, and won’t keep you as warm. I recommend paying a bit more and getting what you need. Many jackets between $99.00-$150.00 that will do the job.


I like this jacket. I would like an interior chest pocket. Compared to other similar softshell jackets this one is reasonably priced, and it looks good particularly in the coyote color with coyote colored zippers. It provides a reasonable barrier to the elements.  It has a clean-cut, trim patterning with good function and is great for work and going around town. Light-hiking, work details and riding your cycle are doable in it. It can’t compete with heavier jackets but you can also layer garments to stay warmer. It will keep you warm in humid or hotter temps so just zip down the pockets to let air in.  When the temperatures drop below freezing try a different jacket or layer garments. Not a bad buy at all for the price. I think Tru-Spec did a good job.

  • Cost 4/5
  • Comfort 4/5 Long arms
  • Durability Untested
  • Functionality 5/5
  • Weight 5/5
  • Style 5/5
  • Overall Rating  23/25

  1. Zipper front closure with comfortable fleece lined zip through collar
  2. Two angled waist pockets with hidden, waterproof zipper closures and mesh lining
  3. Shoulder loop patches for attaching patch insignia or badge
  4. Angled sleeve pocket with waterproof zippered closure
  5. Side seam zippers for easy access to belt or torso
  6. Hook & loop self-fabric cuff closures
  7. One-hand cord lock waist drawstring
  8. Two rear zipper pockets on lower back

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