Trijicon AccuPower 1-8: Versatility Defined

Trijicon’s Momentum

Trijicon’s Accupower 1-8 power scope continues to enjoy incredible momentum.

These scopes are hard to get your hands on. However, the scope appears worth the wait. 1-8 is a nearly do-everything configuration and test results in the field (from reputable sources) continue to come in singing the scope’s praise.

The Magic in Good Decisions

The magic is in Trijicon’s decision to develop this optic (and others) in the Accupower line, using battery power. They, of course, are continuing their Accupoint line that utilizes Trijicon’s famous (but costly) illuminated/tritium fiber optic reticle. This Accupower decision has allowed Trijicon to push value limits, providing phenomenal glass and coatings at a reasonable price, all while retaining illumination. Though I’ve not had the opportunity to take the RS27-C-1900026: AccuPower® 1-8×28 into the field yet, it’s my initial opinion and apparently the market’s impression that Trijicon has hit this one out of the park!

Versatility Defined

The word that Trijicon uses to talk about this scope happens to be the first thought that comes to my mind when I consider this scope: It’s the word versatile. Versatility is so important for those of us that don’t have money to burn; we need to buy products that work and work in as many applications as possible. Granted, there are times to buy a very specialized optic for a very specialized rifle, but most of the time, we are looking to effectively administrate as many tasks as possible with one solution. The Accupower 1-8 seems like a reasonable selection for gun games, defensive applications, and hunting.

You can pick this one up with either Luke Skywalker green reticle or Darth Vader red. The scope features first focal plane and a very close to true 1 power setting. I think you’re gonna dig it!

Listen in to my product conversation with Eddie Stevenson from Trijicon at the NRA Show this year.

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