Trijicon 1-6 AccuPoint Review Radioactive Goodness

The worst part of getting to do what we do here is when we have to send a product back. I’m not going to lie I stalled the hell out of this article because the idea of shipping the AccuPoint 1-6 scope back to Trijicon pretty much breaks my heart. So it is with a bittersweet feeling I write this review.


We are a Michigan based blog and huge fans of Michigan businesses. As a state, we are lucky to have 2 of the best optic companies located right here in our home state.

While selling products to Michiganders is certainly one place they make money Trijicon has built its business on government contracts and its flagship ACOG. (Trijicon ACOG TA31ECOS Review).

They furthered their reputation on RMR’s (Trijicon RM08G Dual-Illuminated RMR Reflex Sight Review)

Then drove home new products like the VCOG for consumers (First Impressions MI Custom Hybrid M-Lok Rifle)

800px-Tritium-h3_bionerdOne thing these products have in common is Tritium. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Because if it’s difficult to produce and use in nuclear weapons and reactors Tritium is the 5th most expensive product in the world at $30,000 per gram.

So when people look at the high cost of Trijicon products, it is important that you look at the source of the cost. Not only is this a rare and expensive product it is also one of the most heavily regulated products in the United States.

Trijicon Tackles Consumers


Due to the high cost, regulatory restrictions and extreme overbuilding of their products Trijicon has mainly focused on very lucrative Military contracts.

In the last few years, there has been a shift from the Wixom based company to begin including and creating products designed for the consumer population. While still offering high-quality gear that is overbuilt for the toughest of situations and back by a solid warranty.

In an effort to deliver consumer-centric products, Trijicon has built the AccuPower and AccuPoint series of optics. Developed in a range of powers and reticles Trijicon has made options for virtually every type of shooter.

My preferred option is the MOA-Dot Crosshairs in a 1-6 magnification, so that is the optic we got our hands on.


Inevitably the first thing I end up looking at when evaluating an optic is the controls. Let’s face it your adjustments and getting-to-know-you period is during those first few shots to sight in.

Plain and simple it all makes sense and is well laid out.



For those of us with imperfect vision who may have to switch glasses based on the light available while shooting the Diopter adjustments make a huge difference in clarity. A simple dial control closest to the eye allows for quick alignment.

I mark with a metallic sharpie my zero points should anyone else use my gun.

Magnification Dial

Just forward of the Diopter controls is the magnification dial. This is large enough to grab but small enough to not get in the way dial that lets you change the magnification from 1 to 6 with a rather short range of motion. This makes zooming in on a target while hunting easy, efficient and quiet.

Included on the dial is a cattail (knob) to aid in movement. This cattail has become more and more popular on high-end optics but is often placed around the existing adjustment dial. This leads to an over large dial IMHO. It is nice to see the knob built into the dial to start with.

Windage, Elevation

Windage and elevation are protected under a cap from an accidental adjustment. The TR25 version we have is ¼ MOA per click with adjustment up to 110 MOA in total movement.

One feature that shines here is the resettable dials. Once you have zeroed in your rifle at your preferred distance, you can then set the dial to a relative zero. This way if you ever have to adjust in the field for a longer shot or extreme wind you can reset to your relative zero easily.TR25-C-200089_135

Fiber Optic Adjustment

The scope is powered by fiber optic illumination when sunlight is present and Tritium in the dark. The Fiber Optic Illumination is controlled by a large dial on the top of the scope. This allows you to open up the light collector or reduce light collection based on your needs in changing light conditions.

How Does it Perform?

target2Bright and clear. I should stop the review here. Let’s face it when you look at optics for a weapon solution features and options aside how well the optic works become paramount.

Trijicon has hands-down some of the best, clearest glass I have ever used.   It delivers a quality image even in low light with a long eye relief that cannot be touched by less expensive optics. The AccuPoint 1-6 is no different.

With adjustable brightness powered by the sun and nuclear power, I never need to worry about leaving this on.

Like all Trijicon products we have looked at, this scope holds zero. We had this on my 18 inch AR San Tan Build that we have been testing for competition. Unfortunately, I only have a cheap bag case for this as I’m still deciding on a hard case. Throwing this in the trunk, hiking up into the woods, bumping it on the dividers at the range and all the other type of abuse that can lead inexpensive scopes to loose zero, did nothing to this optic. Even the thump of mounting this on a 458Socom we are testing didn’t faze the TR25 at all.

In the field

We ran this gun at night, sunny days, cloudy days, dusk and even rainy days. The result is this optic works. It gets the job done in any condition and it remained unaffected from what we could throw at it. For consumers who are hunting, competing, or just shooting you’re not going to find a tougher more reliable optic.

Bottom line.

Tritium is expensive and filling the optics is done by hand. Aircraft grade aluminum precision machined isn’t cheap either. Trijicon is one of the most expensive optics we have ever had the chance to work with. However with its consumer based price point you will find the $1500 MSRP is much more affordable than the VCOG or ACOG.

While this might be a bit expensive for your plinking gun, the fact is you get what you pay for. If you like top quality gear designed to take the elements and deliver the best performance this product was made for you. If you’re a hunter, tactical professional, competition shooter or you shoot a wide range of distances this 1-6 Accupoint TR25 becomes an easy choice. This move to the commercial market with more affordable pricing is a move we are very happy to see Trijicon making. We look forward to seeing what other new products are coming out of our friends in Wixom.

You can purchase your optics direct from Trijicon or from many reputable retailers.×24


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