Travis Haley and Phuc Long go trolling on the GMSR (VIDEO)

Firearm wonk Travis Haley manages to not break a smile while breaking down the next-level extreme tacticool Gross Motor Skill Reload gunkata on an AK.

Phuc Long, the Asian Fetty Wap fanboy who has been releasing some of the funniest vids on YouTube on gun subjects in the past few months, serves as the straight guy for Haley’s demo which includes grabbing a hot suppressor with your hand, throwing away a full mag from his back pocket, and working the Kalash like a pogo-stick.

Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics, one of the leading AK guys in the states, even pops in during the video to give a stone cold WTF to let you know what’s up.

So yes guys and gals, here is a good example of both how you troll it proper, and of how not to perform a GMSR.

This guy:

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