Titanium Aero Multi tool by DGT Gear

You might have read about Darrel Ralph and his knives on here before or perhaps his other company DGT Gear. Well DGT Gear has a new multitool out on Kickstarter, looking to be funded with your hard-earned shekels.

DGT Gear

The Aero is small and would go unnoticed in your pocket

The Titanium Aero Multi Tool combines several tools you might need in a pinch, in one pocket-friendly tool. In the Aero you get a hex bit holder with an included Philips bit, common bit, hex bit slot, pry bar, and bottle opener. The bottle opener actually blends into the the tool instead of looking like something that shoehorned onto it. So not only can you save your teeth from opening a Corona, you can also fix your gear.

DGT Gear

The common screwdriver would work well at adjusting scopes

If all else fails when you’re attempting to usher your latest conquest out of the barracks, you can fashion a spear out of the Aero. Attaching the Aero to a broom handle with some paracord makes a formidable weapon, allowing you to toss bar shrapnel at her to help her pay for the cab.

The designer Otha Matthews said this about the Aero Multi Tool:

“We at DGT Gear feel people should back our project because it is a simple product that solves a common problem. I had the idea when I worked on my feet all day as a machining engineer. I needed multiple tools handy at various times during the work day. I found myself digging through my pockets looking for the right multi tool with the tool I needed at the time. It usually was hard to get what I needed in a sufficient amount of time, even if I could find it quickly, my pockets were weighed down and would stick out with all of the tools in my pockets. That’s when I came up with the Aero tool, it solved a big percentage of my problem. It’s light compact design and versatility allowed me to get my pockets back, that day is when I knew I had a winner.”

If you’re interested in the Aero head on over to the Kickstarter and pledge it.

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