Tips for Hunting in Hot Weather

By Cody Larrimore

Extremely hot days and hunting don’t always mix –- especially when there’s meat or game to protect, game to find, or you find yourself racing to get back to your coolers. Hunting in the heat can be dangerous for the meat and for you. Hauling game miles to your coolers is challenging even for the most experienced hunters.

Whenever you think that you might be hunting in extreme heat, make it a point to pack coolers and ice with your hunting gear. It’s just as important as the rest of your gear, if not more. There are plenty of coolers on the market today such as Grizzly, Orca, and Yeti that hold ice for days in extreme heat. Packing the coolers the night before will assure that you can keep meat fresh and cool. It’s also very useful to bring unfrozen jugs of water packed in the cooler with the ice, and a roll of paper towels. Rinsing off the meat with the chilled water, then wiping off any access debris with the paper towel is a useful tip to cool down and clean the meat fast, before you get it back to camp or home.

Hunting season opens early in many states. Eastern states open early for deer, while western states open early for elk. Knowing what you will do after the kill is essential to early season hunting. Coming prepared with ice, coolers and a set plan will keep things easy after the harvest and keep you from spoiling the meat.

You need to be the judge of how far you hunt from camp or your vehicle and ice. If the forecast calls for 85 degree heat, hiking in 7 miles in the morning isn’t a smart decision if you have to haul the meat back out the same day to get back to your ice. If the forecast calls for extensive heat, set a plan to only hunt for a certain amount of time, or only to hike in so far — and don’t push the boundaries.

Packing in all day, then hauling out hundreds of pounds of meat plus antlers can be a daunting task, even for the fittest of hunters. Bring water or snacks to stay hydrated during the hunt. Appropriate clothing is essential too, when hunting in early season heat. Many clothing companies have several lines of early season hunting gear to utilize during hot, long hunts.

In the end, it’s up to you to make the proper preparations to have a successful not spoiling early season hunt. Bring enough ice, dress appropriately, bring snacks and water to stay hydrated, and don’t push the limits.

Via: All Outdoor

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