Throwback Thursday! Watch this gnarly 80s Colt commercial (VIDEO)

Sit back and enjoy this throwback Thursday with Colt’s Regan-era M16A2 promo pitch that includes everything that made the early 1980s so boss.

I mean you’ve got a mix of old M-1 steel pot helmets and the then-new K-pots as well as some of the brightest woodland green cammies you’ve ever seen.

Seriously, they are so bright they hurt your eyes in all the brilliant beta-max technicolor you can imagine.

In the nine minutes of beautiful M16 footage you get to see Commando-style shorties, M203 grenade launchers at work blowing up an outhouse, the short-lived HBAR Colt Light Machine Gun which predated the Army’s adoption of the M249 and, of course, the good old M16A2 itself.

Plus, there is bonus footage of a Ford M151 MUTT running one over, which worked out well that they backed it up and did it again.

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