This is the Kingdom I Made

I’ve had a hole in my heart for a very long time . But this is the life I chose and I have to live with what I made. This is the kingdom I built and the path I paved. But I’ve learned to be resilient and I’ve learned that time gives me opportunity to take other chances and to redraw the lines of my territory. Sometimes I give and sometimes I gain. If I want to…Sometimes the ache goes away.

It never seems to disappear rather it subsides and goes back to the place it came. At times it’s like night dissolving into day, or day into night and it can happen in a matter of seconds. Be mindful that when you choose to be something that you must own the territory you conquered. You are the king of it, you are the master of it, or the slave.

There are no perfect kings, because there are no perfect people, but there are some perfect days, yes and perfect nights too. Count on those to get you through whatever revolt your heart and mind are struggling with. There will be many good times. Use the power of your mind to have more wins than losses. There are many just like me. My advice to you is to keep fighting, keep winning, and be admirably purposeful. It’s a long game. You’re not alone. Stay strong King.


I’ve had a hole in my heart for a very long time 
I see things as they once were
I see things as they could have become 
I see things as they will never become 
Fruit dies on the vine.

Poem by Michael Kurcina

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