The World Owes You Nothing

Some of us came from an environment where there was structure, there was purpose, life made sense because we understood the concept of good and bad, it was us versus them, and we were aligned with brethren that in many ways thought more like us than not like us. We departed the service and got disconnected. We can’t relate to our coworkers, our old friends and even to our family. This perception isn’t new. It’s as old as the stars. One way of looking at this disconnection is to see your life experience as enlightening regardless of the pain that comes with it, and another is to use it as a means to help others integrate. Angst, aimlessness, feelings of purposelessness, are within your heart and mind to tell you that you’re not the same person and life is not the same either. You can thrive if you want to, you can be an influencer if you want to but you’ve got to get out of old ways of thinking and into new ways of doing. Exercise, write, work, play in order to create structure; allow yourself to meet people, and don’t be reluctant to discuss what you think and feel but approach it from the aspect of an open minded traveler who will one day return home and not a reluctant nomad with nowhere to go. Consider that no one can read minds. It is therefore important to learn how to communicate. Work on yourself until you become connected again. It takes effort, it takes planning, it takes real action, introspection and it means making no excuses. The world owes you nothing. Don’t forget, you chose to enlist, you chose that life, now is the time to do something worthwhile with what you carried back. What are you waiting for?

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