The SIG Romeo5 XDR

So Christmas was afoot and people were asking what I wanted for Christmas? That was a question I had a hard time answering, I’m a simple guy with simple tastes. What could I want? hmm, my 80 lower jig is worn out, but I ave a ton of ARs already. I had plenty of guns but not enough optics so I asked for a red dot sight, something simple, something well made. The SIG Romeo5 had caught my eye early on but I never pulled the trigger so to speak. I asked and I received. Even better I received a model of the Romeo5 I didn’t know existed, the XDR. The X stands for extended life and the DR stands for dual reticle. The Romeo5 XDR has a standard 2 MOA reticle and an additional 65 MOA red circle with a 2 MOA dot in the center. Extended life means 50K hours on a single triple-A battery

I’m not the patient type and after receiving the optic I spent a little time with the family, ate a healthy dinner and early the next morning hit the range. Of course what gun should I mount the SIG Romeo5 XDR? Plenty of options in the safe, from shotguns to ARs. Hmm, I settled on my Scorpion 9mm rifle. It’s a fun, accurate, and easy shooting rifle and the 9mm round makes it a close quarter’s rifle and red dots excel for close quarter’s use.

In the Box

The SIG Romeo5 XDR comes with a single battery, bikini style lens covers, a small tool to tighten the optic down, a cleaning cloth, and a riser to bring the 1.41-inch absolute cowitness to a 1.63 inch lower ⅓ cowitness. The SIG Romeo5 XDR is a bit tougher to find, and as I mentioned I had never seen it before but was pretty pumped to receive it. So a quick thank you to that special person who gifted me this.