Sarcos…ever hear of them? If not, they’re the world’s leader in designing and developing advanced robotics. Not just any robotics, but efficient and workable robots, engineered to enhance the labor workforce through human intelligence.

The Guardian™ S is their dynamic, remote controlled, all-terrain vehicle. This gadget offers 3D mapping, live video feed, two-way communications and the ability to transfer data in real time. At 16 pounds (17.26 kg) and able to carry a 10 pound (4.54 kg) payload, this provides a variety of deployable options. The outfitted camera streams 360° video, up to 12 hours of uninterrupted feed, day and night. Additionally, the two-way radio communication affords the option to transmit and receive audio. This provides hostage negotiators, or people found in distress, a form of communication.

Almost replicating the style of an inch worm, this universal system allows the user to overcome a magnitude of obstacles, fitting into confinements a small as 7 inches (17.78 cm) in diameter. These features, coupled with its magnetic attributes, allow the Guardian™ S to climb vertical obstacle and other areas where access is limited. The idea of vertically climbing metal-based structures creates an astonishing and attractive asset alone.

Sarcos Guardian™ S was also tested and awarded the International Protection Marking (IP) rating of IP65. This offers a dust proof, water tight machine that is able to be decontaminated. Maneuvering through snow and mud, this is ideal for 3D mapping over uneven or varied terrain. You can already see how this robust piece of equipment will be assisting various duties throughout the world and beyond.

By using Microsoft’s Azure Cloud service and operated with Sarcos mobile Internet of Things (IoT) Platform, data transfer is secure and kept confidential. Also providing a location to safely store important information obtained from projects.

When considering the base cost of the Guardian™ S as $60,000 USD, also consider the customizable sensor packages for Infrared, Gas, Vibration, GPS, Accelerometer and Sound. No sweat if this seems a little out of your price range, Sarcos provides their unique Robot as a Service (RaaS) program making it available for monthly payments when employing your robot as a “contracted laborer”. Tailoring your Guardian™ S with specific sensors are sure to assist your product as well, maintaining a cost-effective approach to any endeavor. Custom engineering and project-based solutions are also available.

As a man-portable device with complete 3D mapping, 360° video, two-way radio communications, magnetic characteristics, and an independent cloud-based system, this multi-use robot can be used for a myriad duties. Essentially, extending human limitations of the eyes and ears, providing a unique perspective.

It’s without a doubt that the Guardian™ S, remote-controlled vehicle will save many lives and assist in preventing injuries by identifying areas that were over-looked and/or “unseen” before. If you are curious about the Guardian™ S, Guardian™ GT, or Guardian™ XO® feel free to Request a demo.

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