The PHLSTER Pocket Emergency Wallet- A Medical Multitool

The Pocket Emergency Wallet

The PEW is simple but ingenious in design. It is constructed of heavy duty elastic, like many of today’s magazine and other tactical pouches. It is sewn into an open ended pouch, with three pockets. One is designed for a pair of nitrile/latex gloves, but can be used for other items too. It is tubular and on one end of the wallet. The other two pockets run the width of the wallet. There is no belt loop or mole or any attachment method. This keeps the wallet slick for pocket carry.

The PEW was originally designed to hold 1 pair of nitrile gloves, a H&H Mini Compression Bandage, and a packet of compressed gauze. With these items, the PEW is about an inch thick. The PEW will easily hold a QC Combat Gauze or Celox Rapid Ribbon, but the overall package will be thicker. It will also hold a package of WoundClot. One of the beautiful things about the PEW is the versatility.

How Versatile Can It Be?

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