The only thing better than an Uzi… is a suppressed Uzi (VIDEO)

Hickok45 reports for duty with the legendary Israeli subgun, the Uzi, and gets some in-depth quiet time.

Since 1951, three letters have come to represent a revolution in close quarters combat and a solid candidate for the most recognizable gun silhouette on the planet. Those letters, taken from the name of the gun’s inventor, Israeli Defence Forces Maj. Uziel Gal, have gone down in history as one of the preeminent submachine gun designs of the 20th Century.

With its telescoping bolt, folding stock, and reliable heft, the 9mm buzzsaw, though dated, is still used by front line spec ops groups in many third world countries.

And Hickok45’s backyard.

If nothing else, watch it for the sound of that suppressed subgun zaka-zaka-zaka burst. Now that should be a ringtone.

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