The most splinter-prone dummy AK47s imaginable (PHOTOS)

Forget CLP, LSA or GMD, you keep these bad boys running with Elmer’s wood glue and Thompson’s water seal. (Photos: CJTF-OIR)

When you need to whistle up a cheap training gun version of the AK47, it’s plywood and power tools to the rescue. These images posted to Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve’s social media account on Wednesday show Iraqi security forces in Baghdad performing slicing and clearing exercises as they train to take on Johnny Jihad types.

Under the watchful gaze of military instructors from New Zealand, the Iraqis are equipped with simulated Kalashnikovs cut out of plywood, which is likely a good bit less expensive than plastic blue or red guns and accomplish much the same purpose, although with more splinters.

Either way, it also looks like a good way to cut down on both “green-on-blue” attacks and negligent discharges during training on the cheap.

Dummy wooden AK47s in the hands of Iraqi security forces

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