The Farsider: Beyond Clothing helps you adventure

The Farsider: Beyond Clothing gives useful tips to maximize your adventure.


Beyond Clothing has recently made a big splash in the outdoor/tactical market. They continue to expand their product line and make their website more user friendly (which for some of you knuckledraggers is a Good Thing). We were perusing their website the other day, ogling their Axios base layer system and jackets for the upcoming winter, which is promising to be bitterly cold for most of the nation.


Grunts: peruse.

That is when we stumbled upon a section called “The Farsider”. Simply put, this section of Beyond’s website is devoted to helpful tips and videos for maximizing your outdoor adventures. There are a lot of servicemen out there that love the outdoors in more ways than just going to the field, and many of you armed responsible citizens do as well. (Note – if you go glamping it doesn’t count.) In fact for many it’s the military that introduced them to a lifelong love of the outdoors. Whether you’re a novice outdoorsman or experienced thru-hiker, “The Farsider” looks to have some solid tips and great advice (though we’re pretty sure the ‘real men wear capris’ article is an early start on April Fool’s Day).

That’s a Beyond Farsider writer up above. He’s on Mt. Ranier in that picture.


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Reading through the page, we noted their video on how to pack clothing more efficiently and into a smaller profile via “burrito rolling”. They promise that more space in your pack equals more room for beer, and that is definitely something we can get behind!

Beyond Clothing also has such useful tips as to how one should properly retreat their rain gear. It has always amazed us how many dudes in uniform seem to neglect this aspect, as they continue to wash their Gore-Tex jackets, pants and bivvies over and over without re-treating, only to bitch about getting wet when the rain bleeds through.

Are you one of those guys standing in the pouring rain, two days into a five day winter field op and you are soaked to the bone? Get spun up on how to fix that!


For those that spend their off duty hours in the woods, and those that just love being in nature’s vast openness, Beyond offers such sage advice as this:

“Whiskey and dry wood are the unofficial social currencies of campfires. If you plan to wander up and join an neighboring campsite’s fire, bringing one or both of these items to share will increase your popularity.”

This wise counsel is dead on, and they promise to add much more as they continue to build “The Farsider” with their staff’s diverse and extensive outdoor experience. We reckon that section is a damned cool idea and well worth checking out. We plan on going back every so often to covet their cool guy gear and pick up more tips – you should do the same thing.

Read The Farsider right here. You can find all their MultiCam and Coyote goodness here.


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