The Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe: Ugly, but Effective IWB

The Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe with the standard belt loop clips offers a stable platform that helps to disperse the pistol’s weight. The wide back in standard cut, protects the skin from uncomfortable points or angles on the firearm, while the combat cut allows greater access to the pistol’s grip. The horsehide also absorbs sweat, making the holster equally comfortable in warm or cool weather.

After attending a training class, and weeks of waiting, I became the proud owner of a license to carry a concealed weapon. I settled on carrying the firearm with which I am most confident in my ability to shoot, my Kimber SIS Pro 1911. Thus armed with permit and pistol, I realized, I had no idea how I was effectively going to carry my chosen firearm. I quickly lamented my preference for large pistols when I discovered firsthand how difficult they are to conceal. To solve this problem, I took to the Internet for advice.

After hours spent poring over articles, YouTube videos, and forum discussions, I finally decided to invest in a Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe holster. I opted to keep the basic belt loop options instead of shelling out an extra $10 for J clips, or deep-conceal velcro clips. However, being a female unused to carrying, I anticipated that comfort would be a factor in holster preference. So, I put down $15 dollars extra for horsehide (over the standard cowhide) and crossed my fingers.

Fit and Retention

The firm kydex shell affixed to the wide leather back makes the SuperTuck ugly enough to be a “modern art masterpiece,” but the functionality it affords makes it worth the $80 odd bucks. After about two weeks of daily wear, the leather had softened slightly and formed to my torso. Although, it now bears the scuff marks of much holstering and unholstering (I like to practice my draw and re-holster). However, the retention afforded by the kydex has not loosened over time. I’ve adjusted the cant slightly, but the depth (also adjustable) was perfect for my purposes out of the box. I only wish I didn’t have to wait so long for it to ship (each holster is made to order, so lead time is about 5-6 weeks after the request is submitted).


Each style of clip offer varying degrees of concealment, depending on the wearer’s need. The standard belt loops run over the belt and offer increased stability. The J clips tuck underneath the belt, but allow a small lip to catch the bottom of the belt. The v clips sit completely under the belt and stay in place via a velcro patch on the face of each clip. Each clip is extended to allow space for the wearer to tuck a shirt into the space between the pants and where the clip attaches to the holster backing. The only notable detractions to concealment are largely related to this reviewer’s female penchant for impractical pants. For example, the kydex shell does not cover the entire barrel, so, in skinny jeans, the end of the slide prints somewhat. It is not largely noticeable, except in slim-fitting pants. Also, the fact that skinnies sit low on the hips means that the backing of the holster and the pistol grip protrude from the waistband more than they do in more practical bottoms. To compensate for that factor, this reviewer leans toward pairing longer shirts or cover garments with that particular style of jeans. In other pants, such as loose cargos, these detractions to concealment are not a factor.


The reputation that Crossbreed has established over the last seven years for comfortable, concealable holsters is well founded. The SuperTuck Deluxe has allowed me to capably carry a full-size 1911, in winter and summer months, without being burdened by its weight, and without forcing a dramatic change in wardrobe. It isn’t the least expensive on the market, but the extra coin buys additional comfort. When I first began looking for a holster, I was concerned that my lack of experience would lead me to a drawer full of unused holster options. However, months of carrying with the Crossbreed has fortunately confirmed that my first choice was a solid one.

Holster Style: IWB
Material: Kydex shell w/ leather (cow- or horsehide) back
Clip: Belt loops, J clip, or deep-conceal V clip
Price: starting at $69.75

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