The Blackhawk Diversion Bag – Secure and Discreet

A few months ago I was prepping and planning for Hurricane Irma to make landfall in Florida. I had food, I had water, and I was generally ready to evacuate. One way thing I was deeply concerned about was my firearms. Your standard firearm’s cases stand out and make themselves nice and obvious. I wish I had something like the Blackhawk Diversion bag. The Blackhawk Diversion bag is a very discreet firearm carrying case that is an exceptionally well-made piece of gear.

What’s a Diversion bag?

The Blackhawk Diversion bag is essentially a firearm carrying case that looks like a gym bag. On the outside, it’s as plain as can be. There is no hook and loop, MOLLE, pals webbing, there is only a single, very small Blackhawk logo on the bag. It comes in a variety of non-tactical colors. There is really nothing that gives away the true intention of the Blackhawk Diversion bag.

Kel Tec Sub2k and Rem Tac 14 working side by side

It’s the hidden features that really show how tactical this bag is. On the inside, we have a three-panel padded divider that’s completely removable. These padded panels protect your firearms from bumping into each other as well as being dent and dinged when the bag is set down. This padded divider separates guns and gear, as well as providing a more discreet total package. The internal padding prevents the bag from bulging awkwardly from barrels, stocks, and foregrips.



On the left and right side of the bag, you have two pouches that have an internal zippered wall. These allow you to access the inside of the bag, or to expand the bag to accommodate a silently larger weapon. These pockets are a very nice touch.

What Fits?

This is the big question. The bag itself doesn’t appear to be very big, does it? Its looks are deceiving though. It’s capable of holding a wide variety of full-sized rifles provided they are fitted with an under folding, or side folding stock. This allows the little bag to hold rifles like the SCAR 16s, AKs with folding or side folding stocks, AR 15s broken down, AR and AK pistols with stabilizing braces, and more.



On top of guns, you can mix a variety of tactical gear inside the bag. The bag easily accommodates a plate carrier with soft armor and a long gun. On top of that, you can squeeze in a dozen mags, an IFAK, a chest rig, and just about anything else you’d need in a tactical go bag.

The Blackhawk Diversion Bag is an outstanding piece of gear. It’s a must-have for any low profile loadout. The Blackhawk Diversion bag was included in our Operator Crate for the month of October.

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*Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase