Testing a chopped down ‘Gambler’ percussion revolver (VIDEO)

A favorite EDC gun from back in the days of the Old West was a modified Colt Navy or Army, for an ace up the sleeve when needed.

Cap and Ball, a Hungarian YouTube gun channel specializing in black powder smoke poles, tests just such a conversion for accuracy. The test subject is a .36-caliber Uberti 1861 Colt Navy repro that has been given a barrel reduction to just two-inches with an added brass front sight. Of course, with the loading lever cut away, loading the cylinder requires the use of a wooden block and plastic hammer, but hey.

As for the accuracy of the belly gun, watch the video.

Source Article from http://www.guns.com/2018/03/26/testing-a-chopped-down-gambler-percussion-revolver-video/

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