Tennis Anyone? The Covert Rackit-36

I have more bags than shoes, and maybe as many as I have T-shirts. EDC bags, sling bags, laptop bags, messenger bags, range bags, rifle bags, bug out bags and get home bags. Even if there is one bag to rule them all I find that changing stuff from one bag to another is a great way to not have what you need. So in true prepper mentality 1 is none 2 is 1 and 3 is just right.

Over the last 2 years or so, a new bag has been trending on my radar, the covert carry rifle bag. We reviewed the Tactical Tailor Trekker bag some time ago, and while I love that bag, it had a flaw. It did not fit larger guns. Even my pistol with the extended KAK Tube on it struggled to fit. So when Vanquest showed me the RACKIT-36 at Shot Show 2015, I was in love.

The 36 designation alludes to that it can fit a full sized 16-inch barrel/ 36-inch overall length rifle in the bag, without having to disassemble it.

If you go to the website, HERE you can find the manufacturers claims. We are going to evaluate those one by one.

So on the covert field this bag is a winner. There is no external MOLLE and the Wolf Gray color we received blends in on the street as inconspicuous. The bag is shaped like a large tennis bag and does not exhibit the traditional signs of a rifle bag.

The thick padding, as well as internal pocket for the muzzle, do an excellent job of breaking up the profile of the rifle. You cannot tell a gun is in this bag even when loaded down.

Vanquest has taken design elements from their other leading bag products to create a truly ambidextrous bag. This modular shoulder strap system allows for a wide range of carry options.

The extra wide padded shoulder strap is comfortable and usable even when carrying a full load out. It’s also removable with 4 grab handles provided for hand carry. The single point sling also allows for a fast grab and go solution when you need it most, as well as easy access with a simple motion.

The Zipline Orbit zipperpulls used on the RACKIT-36 are something we ran into when reviewing the IBEX-30. My feeling is still the same. These are one of the best zipper additions I have seen on the market. They are durable, resistant to weather and easy to grab even with gloves.

Front Pocket

IMG_0505 (1)The large front compartment is a spacious 20x10x2. The pocket is lined with 3 strips of hook and loop on the bag side for accessory attachment and large rectangle of hook and loop on the flap side for ID or morale patches.

In conjunction with accessories such as the CCW Holster and Double Mag Holder, IFAK kits or other hook and loop attachments this large compartment becomes an organized home to everything you may need on a covert deployment.

I have found the Haley Strategic DS3 fits in this spot perfectly. With just the D3 rig in that pocket, I have access to four 30 round AR magazines, Glock with light, 2 extra pistol mags, and space for a small IFAK. I can still fit my full sized IFAK in the pocket with the D3.

The zipper compartment inside the large pocket is good for maps and documents.

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