Tactical Tyrion: “Cast a large shadow.”

Yeah, we’ve released our newest shirt from Knife Hand Apparel and yeah, it’s badass. It’s a Tactical Tyrion design, updated to reflect the new beard and of course the scar, and we reckon you should take it as advice for how you should attack not just the new year, but every year thereafter. Y’see, Tyrion is a pipehitter despite himself, against all probability, physical limitations and personal tragedies notwithstanding. The phrase across the back is of course a recognition of our favorite character’s potential, but it’s also a command to good Americans (or Englishmen, or Canadians or Danes or whatever). That’s right, it’s an imperative.

Cast a large shadow.

Don’t live an inconsequential life. Make a difference in your world, regardless of your age, gender, background or size.

“Oftimes a very small man can cast a very large shadow.”

Regardless what life throws at you, we enjoin you to be as Moqorro described: the one with the big shadow, snarling in the midst of it all.

Grunts: enjoin.

Get ’em at TacticalTyrion.com. As with everything in our store, portions of the proceeds go to assorted charities our crew are directly affiliated with.

Tactical Tyrion - cast a large shadow


Tactical Tyrion

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