Tactical Tailor Intermediate Treatment Bag: Best medical bag I have used

I’ve never used any Tactical Tailor products, so I was very eager to try out their new intermediate threat bag. I have had buddies tell me that they have trusted Tactical Tailor products during multiple tours overseas, however, I had never had experience with any of their products until now. The Intermediate Treatment Bag is the perfect size for carrying vital medical supplies into a hazardous area.

The Intermediate Treatment Bag features a large center compartment which is great for large items such as SAM splints, small suction devices, or other similarly sized equipment. The lid of the main pouch has two smaller zipper pouches on both the outside and inside of the lid. Each side of the bag has two smaller pouches that run the length of the bag. Each pouch has elastic loops to help secure smaller items such as medical tape.

Additionally, the bag comes with two smaller removable pouches that fit inside the main compartment. Each of the smaller pouches features elastic loops to secure equipment inside of them. They also open all the way so they can be laid out on a flat surface for easy access to contents. I actually used one of the smaller pouches as its own first aid kit on a trip out of town, and it worked great.


Tactical Tailor Intermediate Threat Bag: Best medical bag I have used


 One of the first thing I noticed about the bag was the high quality that YKK zippers used. The zipper pulls are metal and very large for easy use while wearing gloves. However, it would have been nice for the zipper pulls to have a rubber coating on them to help get a secure grip in the event you have blood or other liquids on your hands.


Tactical Tailor Intermediate Threat Bag: Best medical bag I have used


The bag includes a fixed carrying handle at the top and has both a fully removable shoulder strap and waist belt. The lid for the main compartment has a field of velcro for attaching patches. I personally would have liked to see a system of shock cord for external mounting of tourniquets instead of velcro, but that’s just me. Overall the Intermediate Treatment Bag is an excellent choice for anyone needing to carry medical supplies, whether down range or around the house.

Author – Cameron Paidousis is a former Police Officer and is a current member in the Air National Guard where he serves in Security Forces. For his civilian job he works as security contractor for the U.S. Government. When not working he enjoys spending time with his family along with kayaking, hiking, and traveling.