Tactical, Tactarded or Tacticool? The MULE

Raven Concealment Systems 2

This is either a stroke of genius or the most tactarded thing to be found at SHOT 2015 (which is saying something). We’ll let you guys be the judge.

Behold the wonder of the MULE Adaptive Storage Stock. So, uh, it’s a buttstock with a holster concealed inside. There’s a sort of trapdoor below, swinging open and ‘forward’ on a hinge to reveal the secondary weapon you have stashed inside. Right now you can keep a Glock or an M&P inside, but H&K, Sig and 1911 frame versions are rumored to be on the way.

MULE adaptive buttstock 3

The MULE is built of “high impact polymer,” is curved for “better retention in the ready position” and is capped with a rubber pad. MULE adaptive buttstock2

MULE coins

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So, there you go. That happened. We’re trying really, really hard not to make fun of it because ultimately the market will decide – that’s the wonderful thing about capitalism and hey – we’ve yet to find a small American business we didn’t want to succeed.MULE adaptive buttstock 1

Freedom Rifle 1

Now if only someone would build a bayonet for our pistol, or a belt buckle mounted throwing knife…

Learn more at MuleTAC.com.

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