TacProGear Covert Go Bag Light Review

By Major Pandemic


During this year’s Make Big Noise PR event for select media in the Sporting Industry, I was given a “goodie bag” packed with eval items upon check-in at the hotel. The bag itself was also a “goodie”, and was this TacProGear Covert Go Bag Light, which I have been putting a beat down on since the event.

What is interesting about the TacProGear Covert Go Bag Light are summed up in two points: lightweight and covert looks.

This pack is not particularly rich on those features found on MOLLE’ed and heavily pocketed packs simply because the entire pack is designed around the goal of being extremely lightweight. The other reason is that the plainer it looks, the less it screams “Hey, over here! I am a Tactical kinda guy and probably have a gun on me!” The Covert Go Bag Light is a very clean and concise design with only an exterior double sided CCW pocket and large main pocket.


The Tacprogear Covert Go Bag Lite without MOLLE webbing was designed for a quick hike or trek through town all while providing CCW handgun carry. It features a lighter weight ballistic fabric and simpler design. To test this pack, I loaded it down with a full sized laptop and H&K P30L and lugged it various places to work on articles such as this for about a month.


The minuses of this extreme lightweight design are less durability. Its a simple fact that you are not going to get the durability from this pack that you would with the heavyweight fabrics. In only a week I began to see some wear on the back bottom edge (a high wear area on any pack) from the heavy vintage laptop edges. I did not see any other heavy wear areas. It’s a lightweight pack, so I would not recommend loading it down as I did on a regular basis with a full weight laptop, but the new lightweight laptops should not be as harsh on the pack.


The upside is that this is a great size that will accommodate large heavy laptops on an occasional basis and definitely would tote the lighter laptops and tablets with ease and could still have room to pack in a change of close or pair of shoes.

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