Survival kit for pilots of Russian fighter jets in Syria

The pilots of Russian fighter jets are equipped and trained for worst-case scenarios. If worst to come, pilots at least have a small survival kit on their disposal. The survival kit for the pilots of the Russian fighter jets Su-24 and Su-30 are located in a compartment under injection seat. In case they need to leave the plane in an emergency, their survival kit goes with them.

In survival kit, they can found self-inflanting rough if pilot happends to land in water, another self-inflating radio beacon so the pilots can be found. There are signal flare launchers with cartridges for it, a machete, sharp as well as sugar, glucose, energy, essentials, salt and a small supply of water.

The Russian base in Latakia is a host to the numerous fighter jets, and all of the warplanes deployed there have the same survival kit which is adapted for the Syrian environment and the possible enemies on the ground, ISIS likely.

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