Sunday Inspiration: Dead Man Walking


deadman (plural deadmen). (obsolete) A corpse.

“What angels speak in darkness, what devils seem to know your name, what God knows your madness, what men know your hell? What mazes have you travelled, what lost tongues haven’t you found, what loves have you left behind you, will you ever face what you have done?”

Will the earth endure forever, will hope come back again, are you doomed to wait for healing, will you ever be the same again?

Deceased writer and Green Beret Barry Sadler wrote a series of pulp books called Casca. I devoured these in high school. Casca Rufio Longinus is a Roman soldier doomed by Christ to walk the earth forever for his action of piercing our redeemer’s rib with a spear. Though immortal he can feel the pain inflicted upon him. He does not age. Casca wanders the world aimlessly for centuries. He loses friends and lovers again and again. What makes the story compelling is Casca as an immortal man meets many interesting characters on his journey through history such as Hitler or Attila the Hun.

Many of Sadler’s ideas have been lifted by Hollywood. His first book titled The Eternal Mercenary is his best book. The book starts out with our character in Vietnam. Like Casca, sometimes it seems that we are fighting wars after wars after wars in our sleep and in our waking life. We seem doomed to suffer forever until our pain stops when the time is granted but none of this is true. I only have so many characters on IG to impart my opinion.

All I want to tell you is that you are NOT alone. Warrior, your time is not over yet, and though the burden seems hard and heavy and the journey long please recall who you are. A fighter of great experience, immense skill and a master of strategy. There is a way out of your hell. Find a way or make one. God speed. My hope is there for you. Find hope for yourself.

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