Strike Industries’ Glock 43 +2 mag extensions

Strike Industries’ long-awaited Glock 43 magazine extensions are now available. These magazine extensions add two extra rounds to the recently-released single-stack pistol chambered for 9mm Luger.

The 9mm 43 may be the Glock’s most-anticipated product in years. While there’s no doubting it’s popularity, there are plenty of shooters out there who want the edge in capacity. This simple solution fixes all of that and adds a touch of improved ergonomics.


The Strike Industries EMP, or Enhanced Magazine Plate, adds two rounds to the standard Glock 43 capacity, bringing it up from 6+1 to 8+1. The magazine extension also provides added grip support, for a full-handed grip and improved accuracy, at a low price of only $11.

The grip extension mirrors the Glock 43 grip texture without introducing any sharp corners or any surfaces that might snag on the draw. It replaces the factory floorplate while using the same standard spring and follower.

Strike Industries isn’t new to the magazine extension game, this Glock 43 extension follows their wildly-successful Glock 42 extension, which has been popular to the point of selling out fast. If you’re hunting for a Glock 43 extension you’d better act fast before this batch of new EMPs sells out, too.

The single-stack market for concealed-carry handguns is one of the fiercest in the industry. There are plenty of people who want more ammo on-hand and for those, there’s Strike Industries. Originally available in black to match the Glock polymer, the Glock 42 grip extension is now offered in pink.

Whether it’s for your primary magazine or for backup, the Strike Industries EMP adds a third more ammo per magazine, and there’s no arguing over the benefit. The EMP only improves ergos with only the slightest amount of added weight – and most of that is the two extra rounds of ammo.

If you’re a Glock 43 owner then these should be on your shortlist of accessories – right up there with a good holster, maybe some night sights and, of course, extra ammo for practice and self-defense.

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