Steyr AUG/A3 NATO colors now shipping

Steyr USA announced the AUG/A3 NATO is now shipping in new colors. The A3 NATO comes standard with a black polymer stock, pistol grip and charging handle where these rifles come with your choice of olive drab or Steyr’s own “mud” parts.

The A3 NATO is an updated version of the AUG with a modular optical rail system that uses standard, cheap and plentiful AR-15 magazines. Steyr offers the A3 with four optic systems, a short rail mount, a tall rail mount, a 1.5x scope and a 3x scope.


To deal with the limited field of view that comes with magnified optics the scopes are railed as well, to mount red-dot sights or any other accessories including pointing devices and lights.

The scope sports recessed knobs for windage and elevation that won’t block any accessories and the optics have short rails at the 3- and 9-o’clock positions. All models come with an updated VLTOR quick-detach front sling swivel, a nice change from the original fixed sling point.

The AUG/A3 NATO uses the same short-stroke piston-driven action that’s been proven to be reliable and accurate in the field and can take a beating and keep on shooting without batting an eye. It is largely unchanged from the standard design and apart from the color change the specifications are the same.

There is one trade-off for getting to use AR-15 mags; the A3 NATO does not come with a bolt release lever. It does have a bolt-hold-open and it locks back on empty. In order to drop the bolt you just give the charging handle a tug and it will go into battery.

All the rest of the features are there, including the celebrated “tulip” flash hider, 16-inch chrome-lined, cold hammer-forged barrel and adjustable gas system. They ship with one windowed 30-round PMag where available.

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