Creditcard Reader Companies Discriminating Against Gun Sellers

The Examiner has an interesting article the other day that needs to be shared. You can find the original article here.

The general overview of the article is:

  • Square will no longer support gun Sales
  • PayAnywhere will not support gun Sales
  • Intuit will not support gun sales

Chase and the NRA have systems that will allow for merchants to accept credit cards for gun sales. This change in policy made in an effort to make private sales more difficult and is a direct blow to those of us who sell guns on

I have closed my Square account which is a shame as the service was actually very easy to use and has come in handy several times. For those of you who have and use Square please be aware of this change.

If you have other suggestions for Merchant banks that are 2nd Amendment friendly then please post them in the comments.

In other news due to a medical issue that I was hit with last week please stay tuned for the range review of the Primary Arms 4-14×44 Mil spec scope as well as several other reviews we have in the pipe such as a re-review of the Sig p938 with pictures.

This makes using sites like Gunbroker and Armslist much more difficult. However we have found a book that will allow you to navigate the waters of buying and selling guns online easier. CLICK HERE to go to a top rated ebook onthe subject.

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