Springfield Armory drops news of future 10mm XD, 1911

Springfield Armory is working on a 10mm version of the popular XD pistol, the company announced in a video posted to Facebook late Saturday evening.

The video was the second in a series of “Ask Anything Q&A” where Springfield Armory’s CEO Dennis Reese, Director of Sales and Marketing Jeremy Rosenberg and champion shooter Rob Leatham answered fans’ questions.

During the Q&A, Reese unveiled that a 10mm on the XD(M) platform was already in the pipeline at Springfield but wouldn’t be released any time soon.

“We’re already working on a XD(M) 10mm. It’s only a matter of how long it will be before we will have something,” Reese said in the video. “I know we’ve been working on this for awhile and I do believe we are near the end on it. It’s probably a 2017 project.”

In addition to a 10mm XD, Springfield is also looking to offer the 10mm in a 1911.

“As far as the 1911 is concerned, we are talking about that and seeing if we can come up with some kind of a TRP style version of a 10mm,” he commented.

Leatham didn’t seem surprised that the company is making the jump to 10mm as the older round is gaining steam once more in the gun industry.

“It has a strong following,” Leatham said. “For people looking for a little more punch, it’s a great package. The 1911 and XD fall into perfect platforms for that.”

Though the company hasn’t given any hard deadlines (and it seems the 1911 is still in the brainstorming phase),  Springfield Facebook fans are pumped about the idea of some 10mm goodies.

“A 10 mm XD(M) sounds like a winner to me,” read one comment.

“XDM 10mm… Finally… YES!!!” another commenter said.

Despite the wait, it seems Springfield Armory fans are prepared to embrace the 10mm versions when they finally drop.

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