Somewhere in Europe, a flying chainsaw has been perfected (VIDEO)

In what looks like the answer to Sharknado, a group of Finnish filmmakers have added a chainsaw to an RC octocopter and turned it loose on unarmed snowmen.

In what is described in the video as “Crazy Finnish farmers,” the inventors took what looks to be a McCulloch chainsaw (what? no Husquevarna from nearby Sweden?!) and added it to the bottom of a DJI S1000 octocopter. Because crazy Finnish farmers just happen to have a DJI S1000 octocopter in the barn.

What follows is a brief montage of the flying chainsaw’s attacks on icicles, helium balloons, evergreens, and, finally a random collection of snowmen going about their ordinary snowday.

Oh the humanity.

Note: begin buying helium balloons now to defend yourself from the killer drones.

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