Sometimes I Just Want to Fight

TBT When I had a chip on my shoulder the size of Manhattan.

Sometimes I don’t want to talk, I just want to fight. How many of us feel like that? You might feel like the baddest guy on the block but there’s a guy out there who feels no differently than you and he’s better conditioned, better prepared and it’s likely given the right circumstances he’s going to wipe the floor clean with you. I’m reminded of an old story where a large group of us outnumbered a smaller group that was better armed with a hammer, morning star, knife and some other tools. Despite how many cool moves we had the fighting spirit left my weaker-minded friends when a hammer smashed one down. What were we supposed to do? Not everyone thinks like you. We dragged him away to regroup and they pursued eventually shooting at us until the police came in pursuit. They and their fleeing mini truck were never located. I think it was Mike Tyson who stated that everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face. My friends are all grown up now, married and with kids most likely. Try doing time in the pen because you couldn’t just walk away. Life goes on and no one cares when you get out. Most of us survived youth. Some lost the fire. Some still hold it and continually stoke it. If you’re feeling like there’s a fight inside of you I recommend taking it into the gym and onto the mat and see what kind of gas you have. Reality tells the truth. Unless you’re exercising, practicing self defense and learning to shoot I recommend that you keep your feelings to yourself and stay locked in your room. Leave when you’ve had some time to cool. It might save you, your family, and the friends you love a world of hurt.

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