Snyder Veto’s Concealed Carry Proposed Changes

As reported here by the Huffington Post:

In what is a harsh turn against his Republican voter base but directly in line with what we have come to see in fair weather Pro-Gun Republicans. This comes as no surprise to many of us who have followed his rash of veto’s since his re-election.

Unfortunately even with a republican controlled Congress the veto can not be overridden due to laws that prevent a new congress from voting on bills passed by a previous congress.

The good news we see coming out of this however is that MCRGO has already developed a new series of legislation that strips out the items that concerned Snyder related to individuals with temporary PPO’s. When this bill lands on Snyder’s desk we will see what new excuse he comes up with or finally get the much needed changes to Concealed Carry Applications this bill provided.

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