Smoke Wagon by Taylor’s & Co. Brings Back the Old West

Gun-lovers can breathe easily, at least until 2018.  The 2016 elections have eased fears that what we want today may be banned tomorrow (Except behind enemy lines in California).  We’ve rushed out and bought our AR-15s, normal-capacity magazines, and loaded up on ammo.  At least for a little while we can relax and get back to the joy of shooting.  It’s now safe to admire and consider other firearms which may not be ideal for home defense or standing ground against a tyrannical government.  Bolt-action pistols, antique calibers, and other fun oddities can once again be on the wish list.  Recently GBGuns began experimenting with the 140-year-old .45 Colt and 1873 Single-Action Army revolvers.  Before doubting the practicality of such a handgun watch this demonstration of their capability when manufactured with modern standards:

With that settled we can take a look at the Smoke Wagon by Taylor’s & Co.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price $565.00
Barrel Length 4.75 Inch
Caliber .45LC
Capacity 6
Weight 2.27 lbs.
Finish Blue Finish with Case Hardened Frame
Grip/Stock Checkered Walnut
Manufacturer Uberti
Sights Widened Sight Channel; Widened Front Blade
Overall Length 10.25 Inches
Action Version Standard Edition

Taylor’s & Co. Firearms are made by Uberti, but with a little bit extra, like getting a European sedan instead of a Chevy.  For a closer look at the Smoke Wagon check out this footage:

These pieces are truly beautiful, and unlike the originals are affordable to purchase and you don’t have to feel guilty about shooting them.  The simplistic controls and sights combined with very light and crisp triggers force the shooter to focus on the basics.  45 Colt has similar ballistics to .45 ACP and recoil simply rolls up your wrist and arm instead of pushing back thanks to the curved handle.  A bit of warning though, bringing a Smoke Wagon to a public range will attract attention so be prepared to talk about it, perhaps with a bit of twang in your voice.

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